Is the Brokerage Office Manager Obsolete?

To stay competitive in today’s evolving industry, more real estate companies are reworking their organizational chart.

Help Inside Sales Agents Prioritize Leads

Having a plan in place for your ISAs will help them work more effectively for your company and agents.

Help Clients Get Wise to Smart-Tech Hype

Help homeowners evaluate which smart-home tech will streamline their lives and which are mere novelties.

Wildfire Victims, Left Homeless, Struggle With Next Moves

REALTOR® associations help residents with emergency needs, but long-term solutions amid massive housing losses are elusive.

In the Trenches: When Closing Seems Elusive

The hurdles to completing a complex sale can be daunting. But your clients’ well-being make your extra efforts worthwhile.

Make the Media Listen to You

Rules for crafting a news pitch about your listings or business that reporters and editors can’t ignore.


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