6 Ways to Boost Your Memory and Concentration

Learn how to exercise your mind and train your brain to recall more information, which will give you a leg up in business.

Experts With a Mission

The Consulting Corps makes a powerful difference in how towns, nonprofits, and institutions tackle various real estate challenges.

Fastest-Growing Proptech Startups Hubs

Keep your eye on these four cities—they have the potential to change the way real estate professionals do business.

Ex-Agent Reflects on Mistakes That Sent Her to Prison

Former REALTOR® and convicted felon Holly Pasut says lapses in business judgment landed her behind bars.

Co-Marketing Tips for Following RESPA Rules

Have you given or accepted gifts from settlement service providers? If those gifts are in exchange for referrals, then you’re breaking the law.

4 Tips for Recruiting Successful Real Estate Pros

If you’re looking to bring new blood into your office or ramp up your growth in 2019, try these suggestions for finding the right agents.

Good To Know

The percentage of of interested home buyers who say they plan to wait for a “meaningful housing market correction” before they buy, according to a new report.


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