30 Under 30 Honorees of 2015

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Bradley Lois
Sales Associate
Bear Realty of Burlington
Bear Realty of Burlington,
565 Milwaukee Avenue #1
Burlington, WI
United States
Individual volume: 
$9.2 million
Individual sides: 

Multiple Income Streams

Bradley Lois, 28, was working on his bachelor’s degree in business and marketing at University of Wisconsin–Parkside when he enrolled in a course in real estate principles. His instructor, who owned a brokerage, convinced Bradley to get his real estate license and work for him. “I thought it would be informational, but I found my passion,” he says. After graduation, Lois transferred his license to Bear Realty of Burlington. The first year was lean. To generate a regular income, he launched a property management company that has grown to 60-plus units.  Now sales are robust. “I treat every transaction as an investment transaction,” says Lois, so that clients “make the most sound investment decision they could be making in their situation.”