30 Under 30 Honorees of 2021

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Chadwick Jurgens
Individual Salesperson
Apex Realty Group
Apex Realty Group,
8375 Ridgestone Drive
Byron Center
United States
Individual volume: 
$20.6 million
Individual sides: 

Turnaround of the Heart

Chad Jurgens was two-and-a-half years into his real estate career when he realized he was miserable. He was putting pressure on himself to hit business goals, but reaching them didn’t make him happy. That’s when Jurgens, 29, decided to focus on what he considered truly important. “I decided to stop making numeric goals,” Jurgens says. “My goals would be to make clients feel important, be a good husband, good friend, good son.” That meant checking in regularly with clients to see if he could relieve their stress or even just chat. Within six months, Jurgens had doubled the volume he did in his first year, and he’s consistently doubled his sales every year since. More important, he is taking better care of his clients and has fallen in love with his work. “I wake up every day and go to the office excited,” he says. “I probably have 100 friends I wouldn’t have had five years ago.”