30 Under 30 Honorees of 2020

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Christine Nieva
Individual salesperson
Real Living At Home
Real Living At Home,
11 Dupont Circle NW
Washington, DC
United States
Individual volume: 
$14.6 million
Individual sides: 

High-Level Operation

Four years into her earlier career as an operating room nurse, Christine Nieva, 29, started to feel the real estate itch. The problem? “I was working 40-hour weeks and commuting two hours a day. I didn’t have much time to network in person or find a mentor in real estate.” Undeterred, Nieva decided to optimize her lengthy daily commute. “I listened to [real estate coach] Joshua Smith on YouTube and the Pat Hiban Real Estate Rockstars podcast.” Over two years, she listened to 832 hours of education and interviews, learning what the very best real estate pros did to grow their businesses. Under the guidance of these “audio mentors,” Nieva made a complete career change from nursing to real estate. “I saw that transition quickly; it was all about consistency and volume,” she says. “I had to meet more prospects, and work to convert them. I had to systematize my mindset.”