30 Under 30 Honorees of 2020

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Eduardo Reyes
Individual salesperson
John L. Scott
John L. Scott,
16126 SE Happy Valley Town Center
Happy Valley, OR
United States
Individual volume: 
$8.5 million
Individual sides: 

Pre-Made Niche

The first time Eduardo Reyes, 25, took a listing for a manufactured home, he wasn’t aware those transactions required a special license. The property belonged to his mom’s best friend’s neighbor, and fortunately his brokerage had the proper licensure. The house sold in under a week, and the whirlwind process opened Reyes’ eyes to the demand for this form of housing. There was little prestige in such listings. But Reyes, who grew up in a prefab home, knew even a $30,000 house could be someone’s dream home. Today, Reyes has clients who buy million-dollar homes, but manufactured homes have turned into something of a specialty for him. He likes educating clients who are new to real estate and helping them become first-time homeowners. It’s often a tighter relationship than he has with clients at higher price points.