30 Under 30 Honorees of 2020

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Jordan Pyle (2020)
Individual salesperson
2350 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL
United States
Individual volume: 
$9.3 million
Individual sides: 

Quality Over Quantity

“I wasn’t that guy who came into the industry and started crushing it right away,” admits Jordan Pyle. He knew only six people in town when he moved from Iowa to Chicago in 2013 at age 22. “I had no network, and I barely knew real estate,” says Pyle, now 29. For the first couple of years, he focused on learning the ropes from seasoned mentors. “I immersed myself in education and did things that aren’t comfortable for me,” he says. “Every day, I challenged myself to improve my public speaking skills, practicing by making phone calls that intimidated me.” He gained exposure and met more people. Pyle aims to work with clients in a consultative way, helping to dispel misconceptions about, for example, the 20% down payment rule. “Every day, I want to add five people to my database,” he says. “I could have 6,000 contacts, but I focus on the 100 who will help me grow my business.”