30 Under 30 Honorees of 2014

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Kathryn Early (2014)
Coco, Early & Associates
Coco, Early, & Associates,
251 Broadway
Methuen, MA
United States
Individual volume: 
$7.8 million
Individual sides: 

Doing Right by Clients

If Kathryn Early doesn’t have an answer for her clients, she’ll do whatever it takes to find it. That, she says, goes a lot further with clients than any qualification on her résumé. Early was raised with what she calls an “old-school mentality”—a work ethic grounded in self-motivation and respect for others. The first in her family to attend college, she still attends classes at the Northeast REALTORS® Association, where she’s also on the professional standards committee. Early strives to stay at the forefront of the industry and give her clients the best information they can get. “New home owners really look for the gamut of advice,” says Early. “They look to you to do the right thing, so there’s a lot of responsibility.”