30 Under 30 Honorees of 2008

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Madison Hildebrand
Coldwell Banker Malibu West
Coldwell Banker Malibu Colony,
23676 Malibu Road
Malibu, CA
United States

Hildebrand has a new book out, stars in a cable reality show, and works with an environmental group to clean California’s beaches and streets. And that’s in his spare time. His day job is selling multimillion dollar properties in Malibu. Parents, friends, and just about everyone else he knew advised Hildebrand to avoid real estate. They said that, at 24, he was too young and inexperienced for the extreme competition of the Malibu market. “But I’d made my decision and just gave it everything I had,” says Hildebrand, who closed more than $36 million in sales last year. 

ENTRY LEVEL: Hildebrand apprenticed with a seasoned real estate pro. While waiting for his license to arrive, he designed a logo that fit the Malibu market. “I wanted something sophisticated that said I could work with million-dollar properties,” he says. To combat his youth, he created a persona for work, even wearing fake glasses at first. 

AUTHOR, AUTHOR: Hildebrand’s book, Activate Your Passion: Create Your Career, is a product of his two seasons on Bravo’s television series, “Million Dollar Listings.” Since starring in the series, “I’ve been answering the same 20 questions [about my life and career],” he laughs. “So I decided to tell my story. It’s not about chasing money or a title, but finding your passion.”