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Selling an Uber-Personalized Kitchen

Almost every homeowner wants to put their mark on their house. So when it’s time to sell, agents need to get creative in their marketing.

Buyers Face Double Hit

Low inventories are keeping upward pressure on prices as rising interest rates exacerbate affordability woes.

Experts: Real Estate Competition Is Fierce

The FTC and DOJ heard several sources say that nontraditional business models are keeping prices down and sparking efficiencies in the industry.

Help Wanted: Relocation Necessary

Housing starts are feeling the effects of a labor force with limited skills and lack of mobility.

5 Tasks to Automate for Maximum Efficiency

Keeping track of clients and performing well-timed interactions with them is a simple recipe for success—but it can be hard to find the time.

Good To Know

The percentage REALTORS® who say they spend more than seven hours per workday on their mobile devices, compared to only 18 percent in 2017.


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