Commercial real estate market tips, trends, and strategies for pros in sales, leasing, investment, and property management

How to Give Investment Buyers the Best Service

These customer service tips can help your agents be the “boots on the ground” for investors.

Your Clients Are Watching You

Consumer expectations drive industry demand. Groom your online presence to help keep you front and center, says NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall.

Why Disintermediation Isn’t Happening in CRE

After the first wave of innovation, advancement in commercial real estate tech stalled, but it’s picking up again. Are you ready?

Forget Bitcoin—4 Ways to Use Blockchain Today

Though cryptocurrencies snag all the attention around blockchain, its other applications are more likely to disrupt real estate.

Commercial Innovation

In order to survive the struggle between in-person and online shopping, malls and stores will have to embrace IoT, virtual reality, and interactive experiences.