6 Spruce-Ups for This Spring

In real estate, warm weather means just one thing--leasing season. Multifamily marketing expert Lisa Trosien, CEO of ApartmentExpert.com in Chicago, shares tips for energizing any property.

April 1, 2011
  1. Consider a new color scheme for seasonal plantings. Don’t use the same color palette each year or each season, or it will lose impact. Change out plants as soon as they look droopy.
  2. Green up your marketing. Shift from a printed brochure to digital or print on demand. Offer hyperlinks to floor plans and market data. Explore digital signatures on leases if local laws allow. Put pictures and maps on an iPad instead of an easel.
  3. Use an interior "redecorator" to spruce up lobbies, club houses, or leasing offices.  A cousin of home stagers, redecorators rearrange and accessorize what you have, rather than buying new.
  4. Go uniform. Spiff up your leasing or maintenance staff with new "career apparel." Try a new style or color to give staff a boost after the winter.
  5. Clean up the unnoticed. While you’re cleaning the clubhouse, windows, lobby, and other common areas, don’t forget the dumpsters, mail room, and your own onsite leasing offices. Dirt anywhere makes the whole property look bad.
  6. Do something different. If there’s one thing to do for spring, says Trosien, it’s something no one else in your market is doing. Review the competition, and try something to stand out from the pack.