Five Ways We'll Work Differently 10 Years From Now

Learn about the coming changes in manufacturing, offices, data security, and more.

March 1, 2012

Manufacturing will return and become more localized. High transportation costs will make regional manufacturing hubs more attractive.

Offices will continue to lose out to mobility, as  work-anywhere trends push up office vacancies to as high as 40 percent in many markets.

Data security will go biometric, essential in a dispersed work environment where many more workers will use their own technology devices.

Commercial properties will become power generators, making sustainability a core focus in response to regulatory emphasis on reducing businesses’ carbon footprint. Companies will also seek out locations that provide incentives for going green.

Othersourcing to smarter computers will replace more white-collar jobs. Artificial intelligence software will perform routine analytical work, such as legal research and real estate financial analysis.

Source: Corporate Real Estate 2020 preliminary ideas for research by CoreNet