January/February 2012: Commercial News Round Up

A resource to help answer the question: Why invest in commercial real estate?

January 1, 2012

Need a smart resource to educate potential investors? The Four Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing & You is designed as a marketing tool to help would-be investment clients learn more about the commercial real estate field. It begins by spelling out the principal benefits of buying commercial property: cash flow, appreciation, tax deductions, and inflation hedge. Under each section, author Nicholas Dunlap, CPM, vice president of Dunlap Property Group, AMO, in Fullerton, Calif., explains such basic real estate terms as gross and net income and depreciation. The second section focuses on helping investors determine whether their investment goals are best suited for investing for current cash flow or future appreciation. “As I met with investors, I was amazed at how many didn’t understand the benefits of commercial real estate investment compared with other types of investments. That’s why I wrote the book,” Dunlap says.

The book is available  for $10.99 from the Institute of Real Estate Management.