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Creative Brokerage Design: A Real Estate Office and Café Combine

The Chen Agency wanted to add foot traffic to their new brokerage, so they turned to coffee and sandwiches.

Does Your Networking Group Do More Than Share Leads?

While networking is a great way to generate referrals, consider joining “mastermind” groups—which offer peer-to-peer problem-solving and learning.

Tech Tools Should Advance—Not Replace—Relationships

Invest in technology that showcases your talent. Communication and rapport with customers are what will keep your business strong.

Make Alexa Your Ally: 6 Ways Brokerages Can Use Voice Tech

Voice assistants like Alexa and Google’s Assistant are seeing explosive growth, and now brokers are looking to get their brand on smart devices.

Commercial Trends

Multifamily buildings are increasingly targeting the high-end market with these must-have features.