Commercial real estate market tips, trends, and strategies for pros in sales, leasing, investment, and property management

Guidelines to Semiretire From Real Estate

If you’re ready to take a step back from your company—but not leave the real estate business entirely—these tips may help.

Should Your Marketing Feature Your Clients?

Whether you’re selling a property or promoting your skills as a real estate professional, you need to convey a message that resonates with consumers.

6 Rules for Selling Tenant-Occupied Homes

When you’re representing a property that’s under an active lease, you have to figure out how to get the renter on board with the seller’s plan.

Brokers’ Tips for Lasting in Real Estate

Seasoned pros offer their most valuable advice for launching your business and keeping it soaring.

Commercial Innovation

To appeal to different generations of consumers, multifamily developers are having to innovate and create new types of amenities that center around shared experiences.