Commercial real estate market tips, trends, and strategies for pros in sales, leasing, investment, and property management

Building Accurate Sales Forecasts for Your Business

If you want to know whether your agents are filling up your company’s pipeline enough, learn how to make projections based on appropriate data.

Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement Home

A burgeoning demographic. A sea of choices. How to help aging baby boomers find the housing that fits the next chapter of their life.

Responding to Increased Warehouse Space Demand

E-commerce businesses are putting pressure on warehouse space. Help industrial and commercial development clients in this competitive market.

How Much Do Buyers Want Green vs. Non-Green Features?

The way you market green home features has an effect on how house hunters perceive them and whether they’ll pay more for an eco-friendly property.

Commercial Trends

Learn how developers are teaming up with fragrance makers to create signature scents that make spaces more welcoming.