Companies Eye 'Cloud' for Savings

January 7, 2011

Cloud computing is a growing option many small business owners are exploring to trim costs in the new year.

Cloud computing is when a service is available over the Internet, such as storing files online so that you can have immediate access to them from any computer or mobile device that has Internet access. (Google Docs or Dropbox are two examples.) With clouding computing, you’re able to access software or store customer contracts, accounting information, and any other information on the Internet to easily retrieve from anywhere and anytime where you have Internet access. The services are often free or pay-per-use.

About 7 percent of small-business owners used cloud services in April 2010, but by mid-2011 that number is expected to grow to more than 10 percent, according to IDC, a technology research firm.

Some businesses are also using the “cloud” to make it easier to share files back and forth, back up important information, or to access software programs through the Web rather than have to rely on a certain computer back at the office.

Source: “Money Hunt: Small Companies Look to Cloud for Savings in 2011,” The Wall Street Journal (Dec. 30, 2010)