Agent Arrested for Trying to Sell Condos Not for Sale

June 1, 2011

A Tampa Bay area real estate agent is facing charges on trying to sell 22 condo units that weren’t really for sale.

Barbara D. Lockett faces charges of scheming to defraud. Police say that Lockett used her position as president of a condo association to sell 22 development units to a woman. Eleven of the units that were part of the alleged sale were in foreclosure and the other 11 were not for sale, police say.

Police say that Lockett allegedly told the woman she’d handle all of the paperwork for the transaction and instructed the woman to wire the money for the property sales to the condo association account. Police say they later learned the account number the woman had was for Lockett’s account.

Source: “Real Estate Agent Facing Fraud Charges,”Fox News Tampa Bay (May 28, 2011)