Priciest U.S. Listing Reportedly in Escrow

June 15, 2011

Candy Spelling, the widow of famous TV producer Aaron Spelling, refused to budge on the $150 million asking price of her 4.7-acre estate in Holmby Hills that lingered on the market for two years. The asking price made it the most expensive residential listing in the U.S. when it went on the market in 2009.

Spelling’s wait may have finally paid off, according to media reports.

Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of British billionaire and Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone, is in escrow to purchase the property, The Wall Street Journal reports. However, sources have been mum on further details about the transaction and the final sales price.

The highest known price ever paid for a single-family home in the U.S. is $100 million--a transaction that happened earlier this year when Russian investor Yuri Milner purchased a Silicon Valley home for that price.

The Spelling estate, known as “The Manor,” is the largest in Los Angeles County at 56,500 square feet--bigger than the White House. The home features a bowling alley, flower-cutting room, wine cellar/tasting room, a barbershop and a silver storage room with humidity control, a citrus orchard, and Spelling once described the estate as the "greatest entertainment house ever" with a "kitchen where you can cook for two or 800." The home is said to have more than 100 rooms.

Source: “L.A. Mansion for U.K. Heiress,”The Wall Street Journal (June 14, 2011)