6 Used Cars You Should Avoid

June 20, 2011

Buying a used car rather than brand-new can offer some cost savings. After all, the average cost of a new car is nearly $30,000, according to TrueCar.com, an industry research and forecasting company.

While a used car can often be purchased at a much lower price, some cars may not be as great as investment as they age, according to a recent study. Forbes compiled a list of the top used cars to avoid, factoring into reliability surveys, resale values, safety ratings, and road tests of the cars, as well as the recent J.D. Power & Associates U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study.

The used cars that made it on its listhad a rating of “below average” in overall reliability (e.g. powertrain performance, issues with the body and interior treatments, and failures with features and accessories).

Some of the cars “to avoid” that made it on its list are:

▪ Chevrolet Aveo
▪ Mitsubishi Lancer
▪ Dodge Avenger
▪ Dodge Charger/Dodge Magnum
▪ Mitsubishi Eclipse
▪ Jeep Liberty

Source: “Used Cars to Avoid,”Forbes (June 15, 2011)