Police Find New Lead in Abducted Agent Case

July 13, 2011

Police say the kidnapping of a luxury real estate professional, who has been missing for nearly six months, was part of a ransom plot involving five people.

Jianguo “Tony” Han, 44, has been missing since Jan. 20, when he was last spotted at a $2.4 million property he was trying to sell in Mississauga in Canada. Investigators say that Han, along with the home owner, were abducted at the property. While police found the home owner six days later in good health the search has continued for Han.

The search recently led police to a suburban house north of Toronto, where police discovered remains buried in the home’s basement. Forensics personnel are still in the process of determining if the remains belong to Han.

Meanwhile, four people have so far been arrested in connection with the case, facing kidnapping charges.

Han is a real estate professional with the HomeLife Landmark brokerage in northern Toronto, specializing in selling multimillion-dollar homes.

Source: “Buried Body Found in Search for Abducted Real Estate Agent,” The Globe and Mail (July 12, 2011)