Fewer Home Owners Report Equity in Homes

July 22, 2011

With falling property values, more home owners are reporting being underwater, owing more on their home than it’s currently worth.

One in three home owners -- or 33 percent -- say that their home is worth less than the amount they still owe on their mortgage, while another 18 percent aren’t even sure if they’re underwater, according to the latest Rasmussen Report of 676 home owners.

Upper-income home owners tend to be more confident about their home’s value than those who earn less, according to the study. Also, investors were found to be more confident than noninvestors about their home’s equity.

Overall, for the second straight month, less than half of home owners -- 49 percent -- say the value of their home is worth more than the amount they still owe on their mortgage. While that’s up from June’s all-time low of 45 percent, analysts are still concerned.

For comparison, in December 2008, 61 percent of home owners surveyed said they believed their home was worth more than their mortgage. While that number has fallen since, this is the first time the number of home owners believing they had equity in their home stayed below 50 percent for two months in a row.

Source: “Just 49% Say Home Is Worth More Than Mortgage,” Rasmussen Reports (July 21, 2011)

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