NAR Urges Action on Debt Ceiling

July 29, 2011

The following is a statement by National Association of REALTORS® President Ron Phipps:

“The National Association ofREALTORS®, on behalf of its 1.1 million members, their clients and customers, and the nation’s 75 million home owners, urges Congress to resolve the mounting debt ceiling crisis before the August 2 deadline.

“Until a resolution is reached, Congress will be unable to address the myriad issues facing the nation’s families, communities, and economy. The indecision in Congress is paralyzing progress on other fronts, and it is harming home buyer confidence and negatively affecting home sales.

“REALTORS® sincerely hope that members of Congress can come together on this issue so that the country can move forward toward a housing and economic recovery.”

Source: NAR