Tips for Customers: How to Raise a Credit Score

August 11, 2011

A good credit score is crucial for getting approved for a mortgage. So how can your customers improve their credit score? Here are a few tips recently featured in an article at RISMedia: 

Check reports to ensure accuracy. First, your customers want to make sure they aren’t getting penalized by a low score that is a mistake. They can get a free copy of their three major credit reports at, a government-authorized Web site. Credit bureaus are required to investigate any mistakes you bring to their attention. “Typically, they ask the creditor that reported the past-due information to check its records. If the creditor can’t verify the info or doesn’t respond, the item should be deleted,” the article notes.

Always pay bills on time. Paying bills on time is critical for a good credit score. Your payment history comprises more than one-third of the typical credit-score determination, says Liz Weston, author of “Your Credit Score.” 

Keep accounts open. Don’t close old credit card accounts, even ones you’re not using. It’ll reduce the amount of available credit and can actually lower your credit score. 

Get more tips and a handout to download to give to your customers: What You Can Do to Improve Your Credit Score.

Source: “5 Tips to Raise Your Credit Score,” RISMedia (Aug. 6, 2011)