How About a Listing in 3D?

August 12, 2011

New technology being incorporated into smartphones and video cameras that are hitting the market could allow you a new way to show off properties to buyers: A virtual tour of homes for sale in 3D color. 

For example, the HTC EVO 3D smartphone produced by HTC Corp. will be debuting at the end of the month and doesn’t require 3D glasses to take advantage of the feature. The phone allows you to show photos and videos in 3D on a high definition 4.3-inch screen. You can also use the phone to capture 3D pictures of your listings and then connect wirelessly to a high definition television to share the video and images with buyers. 

The debut of 3-D technology in cameras was big news earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, where several manufacturers showed off their latest 3-D wonders. For example, Sony debuted its 3D Bloggie MHS-FS3 camcorder, the first 3-D pocket camera that had two lenses for capturing 3-D high-definition video. 

Source: “Realtors, Run Ahead of the Pack: Showcase Your Listings in 3D!” RealtyBizNews (Aug. 11, 2011) and REALTOR® Magazine Daily News

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