LinkedIn’s Growth Soars, Survey Reveals How It’s Used

August 19, 2011

LinkedIn’s successful IPO earlier this year has stirred plenty of buzz, and real estate professionals are no stranger to the social networking site for using it to connect. 

LinkedIn has traditionally been viewed as a social networking site just for those who are looking for new jobs. But a new survey by Lab42 finds that people are using it for much more, including keeping in touch with past acquaintances and networking, and how often they are logging on.

How It’s Being Used

Top level executives: use LinkedIn for industry networking (22%) and promoting their businesses (20%).

Middle management professionals: use LinkedIn to keep in touch with other people (24%) and industry networking (20%).

Entry level employees: use LinkedIn for job searches (24%) and co-worker networking (23%).

How Frequently They Log In

Two out of three LinkedIn users log in to the site at least a few times per week or more. More specifically, 35 percent of users say they access LinkedIn daily and 32 percent say they access it a few times per week. Sixteen percent report logging into LinkedIn a few times per month, and 8 percent say they only log in whenever they get an e-mail from LinkedIn. 

Source: “Study Reveals How Professionals Use LinkedIn,” (Aug. 9, 2011)

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