3 Myths to Social Networking

August 24, 2011

Many misconceptions exist about social networking and how to use it for business. Neal Rodriguez, an online marketing expert, recently wrote an article at Forbes.com that highlighted a few of the most common myths in a recent article: 

Myth 1: Social media can replace your Web site. Web sites are still important and so is e-mail, Rodriguez says. According to Rodriguez, e-mail remains one of the most powerful ways to prospect for business. “Although you can capture e-mail addresses on social media networks, it is a lot easier to simply add a form at multiple locations on your Web site,” Rodriguez says. 

Myth 2: You can’t measure your return in social media realms.

Rodriguez suggests tracking where your users are coming from on your social networks and identify the actions they're taking on your sites--such as whether they're viewing a slide show, reading an article, commenting to a post, and so on. You can also use such services as Google Analytics URL Builder to add a link you want to track (use the field labeled “Website URL”). 

Myth 3: You need to be on every social network.

Instead of being on every single site, zoom in on a few main ones and focus your efforts on keeping those up-to-date, instead of fragmenting your time across several. Rodriguez suggests visiting search.twitter.com or Facebook and type targeted key words into the search fields that describe services or topics that relate to your business or niche. Study the Web pages that surface; Rodriguez suggests asking whether they represent your target community. If so, Rodriguez encourages to make interactions.  

Read all top 10 myths about social media at Forbes.com.  

Source: “10 Myths About Social Networking for Business,” Forbes.com (Aug. 10, 2011)

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