Add Neighborhood Web Appeal to Lure Buyers

September 2, 2011

Featuring neighborhoods on your Web site can help give you the marketing edge, according to an article at RISMedia written by Tricia Andreassen, CEO and founder of Pro Step Marketing.

Andreassen suggests giving each neighborhood you target in your market its own page on your Web site or even its own domain name. For example, she points to one example: Or, she says, real estate pros can purchase a specific neighborhood domain name, such as, that can then be highlighted throughout their marketing. 

Also, she suggests buying a separate domain name specifically to use for market updates or “hot properties” new to the market in that neighborhood you’re targeting. Domain names to tailor to your market like or could be used to provide details on active listings and allow visitors to sign up for free listing alerts. 

You also also use neighborhood outreach to draw in sellers too. Andreassen suggests buying a domain name to your market like, which allows home owners to fill out a CMA request form to find out what’s selling in their neighboorhood. 

Read more of Andreassen’s ideas on farming neighborhoods.

Source: “6 Web Strategies for Working Neighborhoods,” RISMedia 

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