Neighbor Scares off Home Buyers

September 21, 2011

A Brighton, Colo., man is trying to sabotage the sale of his neighbor’s home by posting warning signs to potential buyers of what they can expect if they become his neighbor: Loud parties, loud music, and loud cars.  

Titus Terranova posted the sign to would-be buyers on his recreational vehicle outside of his home. He also has issued a new warning that refers to three Rottweilers. 

"This is a great house in a horse property community," says real estate agent Renee LaLonde, who is helping her brother sell his two-story home. (Terranova also recently posted on a sign that he’s anti-horse too.) 

But LaLonde says buyers have stopped calling to inquire about the property since the signs went up. 

Terranova says the sign is his way of keeping away anyone who doesn’t like his way of life. "If you don't like that, don't buy a house here," Terranova says.

The county recently ticketed Terranova for an illegal sign, graffiti, and having too many vehicles and trailers on his property. He could face a fine up to $100 per violation per day, if he doesn’t correct the problems immediately. 

Meanwhile, LaLonde’s message to Terranova: Buy this house “if you want to control so badly who lives next door to you.”

Source: “Neighbor’s Warning Sign Scares off Home Buyers,” (Sept. 20, 2011)

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