Cities With Highest, Lowest Credit Scores

October 12, 2011

Your credit score is an important factor in qualifying for the lowest, most competitive interest rate when purchasing a home. A new analysis by the credit bureau Experian reveals which cities tend to be more creditworthy than others. 

In Experian’s second annual State of Credit list, it compiled rankings of the nation’s cities based on the average of residents’ VantageScore, which has credit scores that range from 501 to 990. 

Cities With the Highest Average Credit Scores

  1. Wausau, Wis.: 789
  2. Minneapolis: 787
  3. Madison, Wis.: 785
  4. Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 781
  5. San Francisco: 781
  6. Green Bay, Wis.: 780
  7. Boston: 779
  8. Peoria, Ill.: 778
  9. Sioux Falls, S.D.: 778
  10. La Crosse, Wis.: 777

Cities With the Lowest Average Credit Scores

  1. Harlingen, Texas: 686
  2. Jackson, Miss.: 701
  3. Corpus Christi, Texas: 702
  4. Monroe, La.: 706
  5. Shreveport, La.: 706
  6. Augusta, Ga.: 709
  7. Bakersfield, Calif.: 709
  8. Las Vegas, Nev.: 709
  9. Tyler, Texas: 710
  10. El Paso, Texas: 710

Overall, the national average for credit scores was 749, according to the study. The cities with the lowest credit scores tended to also have high foreclosure rates and high unemployment. On the other hand, cities with the highest average credit scores -- which were mostly in the Midwest -- tended to have a better employment picture.

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine Daily News