Your Smartphone’s Web Browser May Be at Risk

October 17, 2011

Mobile Web browsers are vulnerable to cell phone attacks, and security threats are expected to rise in the coming year, according to Georgia Tech researchers in the new report, Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2012.

More smartphones are being linked to corporate e-mail accounts and contain a great deal of business information on it, which makes hackers increasingly wanting to target the devices. Georgia Tech researchers say the primary goal with the new types of mobile attacks is data theft, such as by “exploiting a mobile browser vulnerability to get a remote shell that enables the attacker to remotely run commands on the phone OS [and] compound threats that use SMS, e-mail, and the mobile Web browser to launch an attack, then silently record and steal data.” 

According to researchers, a smartphone's default Web browser, as well as any browsers embedded through any mobile apps are vulnerable to the attacks.

Google’s Android seems to be most at risk, but Apple’s iOS is also being targeted, researchers note. 

Source: “Smartphone Web Browsers Could Become Major Attack Vector, Security Researchers Warn,” Ars Technica (Oct. 15, 2011)

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