Supersized Homes: States With the Largest Houses

October 28, 2011

Where is home square footage the biggest? The largest homes tend to be out West, according to data, which reveals the median square footage of homes for sale in September. Here are the top five states with the biggest homes for sale from last month: 

1. Utah
Median home size: 2,305 square feet
Median lot size: 10,019
Median price: $219,900

2. Colorado
Median home size: 2,126 square feet
Median lot size: 10,202
Median price: $275,000

3. Wyoming
Median home size: 2,052
Median lot size: 21,780
Median price: $226,500

4. Montana
Median home size: 2,040
Median lot size: 73,616
Median price: $250,000

5. Texas
Median home size: 2,031
Median lot size: 9,583
Median price: $174,900

See which other states boast the largest home sizes. 

Source: “10 States With the Biggest Houses,” Inman News (Oct. 27, 2011)

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