Housing Is Key in 2012 Elections, Voters Say

November 10, 2011

Nearly seven out of 10 American — seven more so for the millennial younger generation — say that candidates’ positions on housings will be very important to them in the 2012 presidential and congressional elections, according to a new survey by Move Inc. of 1,000 adults. 

Survey respondents identified the following top housing priorities for the next president’s first 100 days in office: 

  • Helping home owners avoid foreclosure.
  • Keeping interest rates low.
  • Making more affordable mortgage credit available. 

The survey also found that four out of five Americans say a strong real estate market is key to an economic recovery. 

"After four years of living in a housing downturn, American voters clearly want answers and are looking to our elected leaders for solutions,” Errol Samuelson, chief revenue officer of Move Inc., said in a statement. “Our survey found that while some people may be frustrated or pessimistic, 27.3 percent of Americans still plan on buying a home. The survey illustrates candidates who share the concerns of the American people and make housing a top priority will win their confidence."

Source: “2012 Presidential Elections: 69.6% of Americans Said Housing Will Influence Their Vote,” Move Inc. (Nov. 8, 2011) 

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