How to Snap High Quality Photos With Your Phone

November 17, 2011

You can use your phone to capture high-quality photos of your listings, and no one might ever even guess you snapped the photo from your phone too. 

With the rise of “iPhoneography and “smartphonegraphy,” a range of add-ons have debuted that can turn your phone’s camera into a mini-professional camera. Several companies have recently released affordable smartphone attachments for phone photography, including extra lenses that allow you to zoom or capture wide-angle photos.

“With a smartphone and some easy-to-use lenses, you don’t need to know anything about photography or lighting to take great pictures. It’s become extremely accessible,” Jen Giese, store manager with Photojojo, which sells smartphone camera attachments, told The New York Times. 

Here are a few recently featured photography phone attachments in a recent New York Times article:

  • Photojojo: Smartphone camera attachments available from several manufacturers, such as a kit of three lenses (which includes a fisheyes lens to use for wide-angle images, a macro lens for close-up photos, and a telephoto lens to capture items fromfar away). The lenses can also be bought individually for $20 to $25 each.  
  • Olloclip: A three-in-one attachment for $70 that clips onto the iPhone 4 and 4S. Lens options include a fisheye, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens.
  • Pixeet: A 360-degree fisheye lens for $50 that works with practically any phone or tablet. Software can be downloaded for free from its web site to improve photos too.  
  • Studio Neat’s Glif: iPhone 4 tripod, which is a small rubber mount that can be used to balance an iPhone at different angles on flat surfaces. 

Source: “Say, Can You Make Phone Calls on That Camera?” The New York Times (Nov. 16, 2011)