Help Your Home Buyers Narrow Their Search

November 30, 2011

How can you help your home buyers zoom in on the perfect home for them, without having to see every home listed for sale? Here are a few items for them to consider:

Condition: “Some homes take more work than others,” an article at Realty Times notes. For example, an older home may need replacements for appliances and systems from wear and tear over time. Foreclosed homes may have damage from sitting vacant for so long. Home buyers can have a home inspection done to make sure they’re not taking on more than they can handle. 

Lifestyle: Does your buyer love having everything within walking distance or is open space what they prefer? Is your buyer is a private person who would prefer a single-family home in the country or a buyer who prefers to share walls and common areas with neighbors, such as with condo living?  

Upkeep: How much maintenance will be involved with the home? For example, if your buyers prefer low-maintenance living, they may find condo living more suitable since they won’t have to tend to the yard. 

Home buyers may also want to factor in the school system, the area’s taxes, and even future resale value in narrowing their choices, housing experts suggest. 

Source: “Buyers: Making the Right Choice,” Realty Times (Nov. 30, 2011)

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