Cities With the Largest Average Home Sizes

January 3, 2012

Where can you snag some of the largest homes in the country? AOL Real Estate used data from PropertyShark and to compile a list of cities that have some of the country’s largest average home sizes. Some of the cities with the largest average home size are: 

1. Beverly Hills, Calif.
Average home size (square feet): 3,884
Median house price: $1.99 million

2. Malibu, Calif.
Average home size (square feet): 2,998
Median house price: $2.195 million

3. Washington, D.C.
Average home size (square feet): 2,237
Median house price: $379,000

4. Atlanta, Ga.
Average home size (square feet): 2,074
Median house price: $149,900

Where can you find some of the smallest homes? According to AOL Real Estate, New York City offers some of the smallest homes at 1,124 square feet average size (yet the median home price is $1.139 million). 

See what other cities made the list for largest and smallest homes in the country at AOL Real Estate.

Source: “How Large We Live: Average Home Sizes Across the U.S.,” AOL Real Estate (Dec. 31, 2011)

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