5 Tips to Enhance Your Listing Photos

January 6, 2012

High-quality images are an important ally in attracting buyers to your listing and selling a home, real estate pros say. 

David Rezendes, who won the 2011 “Top Real Estate Photographer” honor by the Photography for Real Estate organization, offers up some of his secret tips to AOL Real Estate on taking better property photos: 

Don’t always shoot wide. A wide shot can capture an entire room and show off its roominess, but sometimes focusing in on a vignette or architectural detail will better “convey the feeling of a house and give a stronger effect,” Rezendes told AOL Real Estate. 

Remove clutter. Sure, you’re going to remember to fluff the pillows and ensure stacks of papers are out of the frame. But don’t forget to hide exposed power cords or personal items. “Keep your photos neat but not sterile,” Rezendes says. 

Beware of vertical photos. “Shooting at a downward or upward angle can skew the vertical lines of the photo, making them no longer parallel,” Rezendes told AOL Real Estate. You can tweak this using photo editing software, but beware of it when you’re shooting if you don’t want to correct later. 

Stay out of the frame. When taking a photo near mirrors or windows, watch the reflection so you or your equipment don’t wind up in the picture. 

Don’t shoot into the sun. When photographing a home’s exterior, avoid taking the photo in the direct, midday sun. Instead, a better time to capture the exterior is in the morning or early evening, capturing the best natural light backdrop for the home. 

Source: “Advice From America’s ‘Top Real Estate Photographer,’” AOL Real Estate (Jan. 6, 2012)

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