More Housing Aid For Military Families

February 6, 2012

A nonprofit organization is expanding its services to help military home owners who are at risk of foreclosure due to relocation for their jobs or other circumstances. 

Hope Now is an alliance of mortgage servicers, investors, nonprofit counselors, and others aimed at helping home owners who are struggling with their mortgage. 

The alliance recently met for a two-day conference in Washington, D.C., to brainstorm how to specifically address housing aid for military families. “The current housing crisis has created a separate set of challenges for home owners in the military,” John Dalton, president of the Housing Policy Council, said during the meeting.

A group of judges, attorneys, state housing agencies, and others created documents with contact information that finance managers and military attorneys can use when assisting military families who are at risk of foreclosure. 

Hope Now also plans to sponsor outreach events at four military bases early this year, offering more assistance to military families struggling to make their mortgage payments. 

Source: Hope Now

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