Agents Make Unexpected Finds in Foreclosures

February 8, 2012

Watch for skeletons in the closet, literally. More real estate professionals are reporting making horrifying finds in abandoned, foreclosed homes, including the skeletons of the home’s former owners. 

A Milwaukee real estate agent recently reported finding the body of the deceased owner on the stairs in an abandoned home. The body of the owner, who authorities say committed suicide, was believed to be in the home for up to four years before the agent recently found it. 

In another incident, a real estate agent in Notting Hill, London, was showing potential home buyers a home when they stumbled upon what they thought was a home owner asleep on the couch. But the owner actually was dead. 

In Janesville, Wis., an agent and her potential buyers also found the owner deceased in the bedroom of the home. Another real estate agent also said she once found a home owner deceased on the toilet. 

Source: “Man’s Death Goes Unnoticed for Years,” (Feb. 7, 2012) and “Homebuyers’ House Tour Includes Dead Body,” AOL Real Estate

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