How Involved Should Sellers be in a Sale?

March 26, 2012

With competition high, sellers may be intervening more when it comes to selling their home, and it can cause personalities to clash.

Because it might take a little longer to find a buyer nowadays, some sellers are getting very “hands on,” proofreading every line carefully on the MLS and brochures, and questioning your every step, according to a recent article at The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

“Sellers get particularly ‘brainy’ in terms of the value of their home, but the reality is that they may not be aware of all recent comparable sales, or been inside those comparables, to really pinpoint value,” Mark Wade, a Philadelphia real estate sales associate, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

Real estate professionals say it’s important for agents to keep their seller-clients informed every step along the way and educate them about the market.

“Our job as their agents is to advise and to educate them as to the present climate and conditions,” says Marilou Buffum, a Philadelphia agent. “We cannot make decisions for our clients. We only advise and represent.”

The Internet has provided abundant housing information to sellers so they may have access to a lot, but it require some explanation. 

“We are dealing with more informed involvement on the part of both the buyers and sellers, it still requires the REALTORS® to analyze all the data and summarize it in a way that provides useful information that can be utilized,” Paul Leiser, a real estate professional from the New Jersey shore, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Source: “The Seller’s Role: How Big Is Their Part?” RISMedia (March 24, 2012)

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