Iowa City Practitioners on Edge After Sexual Assault

April 3, 2012

Police are warning real estate professionals in Iowa City, Iowa, to take extra precautions when showing homes for-sale or rent, following news of a female real estate agent being sexually assaulted during an apartment showing last week. 

Police say a man had contacted the female agent interested in viewing the apartment for rent, which the female agent owned, for a possible sublet agreement. Police later arrested and charged Peng Tang, 21, for allegedly sexually assaulting the female agent in the apartment.

Real estate groups and associations are reminding agents to take extra precautions when showing properties. 

Attackers usually like to pick secluded homes for attacks, says Mark Kamps, president-elect of the Iowa City Area Association of REALTORS®. 

When showing a home, "I never go in first because as soon as I turn my back on somebody all they have to do is push me into the house," Kamps says. He also urges other agents to pay attention to where the exits are in a home and always park your car on the street so you never get trapped in the driveway if you need to leave quickly. Kamps also recommends using the “buddy system” whenever possible by having other agents or someone else go with you to showings. He also suggests making a copy of any potential buyer or renter’s driver’s licenses before showing a home. 

"If they’ve got information on the person the odds of them assaulting you diminish pretty quickly," Kamps says.

Source: “Local REALTORS® Share Precautions Following Sexual Assault at Apartment Showing,” KGAN-CBS News 2 (Iowa City, Iowa) (April 2, 2012)

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