A Year Later, Still No Suspect in Iowa Agent Murder

April 5, 2012

Police continue to look for a suspect and search for more clues in the killing of a 27-year-old, West Des Moines real estate agent in a model home nearly a year ago. Police announced this week that a reward has doubled for clues leading to an arrest, increasing from $75,000 to $150,000.

Police said in a statement that they hope the increase in reward amount will encourage someone to step forward with more information. 

Ashley Okland, an agent with Iowa Realty Co., was found shot at a model townhome on April 8, 2011. Since then, police have investigated more than 700 leads but have made no arrests in the case. 

"Investigators are reviewing all aspects of the case and continue to receive and investigate new leads,” according to a police statement released this week. “We continue to search for new evidence, physical or otherwise. Technology has played a role in the investigation; however, since this is an ongoing investigation we will not go into specifics. We continue to review every aspect of the investigation.”

The townhome where Okland was murdered is still for sale, and neighbors say the home is a haunting reminder of what happened nearly a year ago. 

“It has made me more aware of people who are walking by,” says Alison Kidney, who lives near the townhome. “I know who my neighbors are and if I see someone out of the ordinary I am a little more cautious.”

Source: “Reward at $150K in Iowa Real Estate Agent’s Death,” Associated Press (April 4, 2012) and “Police Release New Info in Real Estate Agent Murder,” KCCI.com (April 4, 2012)

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