How to Get More Customer Attention With Your Web Site

April 16, 2012

Many real estate professionals have a Web site for their business, but how do they get potential customers to actually visit it? recently offered up ideas about how to promote your site. Here are a few of their ideas for getting more Web visitor traffic: 

Increase your SEO.
Search engine optimization
is a way of lifting your site’s visibility in keyword searches on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! How do you get your site closer to the top of the search results? Edit the content on your site to include keywords that reflect your market and target audience. Also, focus more on incorporating backlinks or inbound links, which link your site to and from other Web pages, the article notes. 

Do more blogging.
Write original content on your site to try to bring in new visitors. But don’t forget about the power of guest blogging for already-established blogs as a way to ramp up your traffic, too. “Writing for other prominent blogs in your niche is even more beneficial in generating traffic,” writes Ilya Pozin at “By including a link to your Web site in your biography at the end of your guest post, you can draw in new visitors from a source that likely gets much more traffic than your current blog or Web site.”

Try Facebook ads.
A recent study conducted by Nielsen found that people are 68 percent more likely to recall seeing an ad when it’s viewed within a social context. Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and it can be a minimal cost to start advertising on it (you can set a daily budget or pay per clicks), the article notes. With Facebook ads, in particular, you can target people by location, friends of your current fans, or even those who “like” other pages that reflect your target market. 

Generate good PR.
Public relations and increasing your reputation around your community also has the potential to increase the traffic to your site, the article notes. “Through public relations strategies, you can brand yourself as an expert in your niche and build your credibility,” Pozin writes. He suggests serving as an expert source in news articles (which often will include a linkback to your Web site in the article then). Also, press releases sent to the media can help you get more traffic by highlighting a newsworthy event or service. 

Source: “10 Proven Ways to Market Your Web site,” (April 11, 2012)

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