More Home Owners Simplify Renovations

May 7, 2012

Home remodeling is expected to have its best year since 2006, according to Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. The biggest focus areas of home owners in remodeling: Mid-size kitchen and bath projects, maintenance improvements, and energy efficiency upgrades.

But when it comes to remodeling, home owners are much more concerned with the price, and therefore, are making their renovation projects smaller and more focused nowadays as they search for ways to curtail costs, USA Today reports. 

"Before it was curb appeal, showiness and keeping up with the Joneses," Duo Dickinson, author of Staying Put: Remodel Your House to Get the Home You Want (Taunton Press), told USA Today. But now more home owners want their homes to reflect who they are. "The house is the most direct mirror of your personal values. When people renovate to change their lives, they waste money." When they renovate to improve how they live, they have the opportunity to benefit more, he says. 

So what do home owners have their eye on remodeling? According to remodeling experts, more home owners are concentrating on some of the following: 

Outdoor spaces, such as adding decks or porches or larger windows to more enjoy the outside of their homes. 

Livable kitchens,” in which kitchens are becoming more multi-purpose and can serve as not a place just for cooking but also recharging laptops and a living room with comfortable seating. 

Open floorplans, as home owners seek ways to connect living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and even the outdoors to bring about more light and openness in their homes.

Smaller master baths, such as spa tubs being replaced with larger showers (Read More: Luxurious Bathrooms Don’t Always Need a Fancy Tub). 

Energy efficiency, such as upgrades with windows, insulation, and doors to help curb utility costs. 

Source: “Renovation Trends,” USA Today (April 17, 2012)

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