Real Estate Executive Attacked With Samurai Sword

May 22, 2012

The president of a Japanese real estate company was brutally attacked late last week when a man entered his office wielding a samurai sword.

Katsumi Jitsukata, 65, president of Daikyo Home in Japan had his left arm chopped off by a man who entered his office and attacked him with a samurai sword. The man also attacked two other workers at the real estate company with the sword. 

The client, Hifumi Kuwada, 63, of Tokyo had entered the office last Friday, concealing the 28-inch blade in a golf bag. Shortly after the attack, Kuwada was arrested on charges of attempted murder. He confessed to attacking Jitsukata and the two real estate employees. 

According to media reports, Kuwada owns a construction business and was to work with Jitsukata on an apartment building project. The exact motive behind the attack has not yet been disclosed. 

Source: “Man Chops off Realtor’s Arm With Sword,” NewsCore (May 20, 2012) and “Sword-Wielder Lops off Realtor’s Arm, Wounds Two Others Before Capture,” The Japan Times (May 19, 2012)

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