Top 10 ‘Manliest’ Cities

June 18, 2012

You may not have considered how your city ranks in the masculinity department. But COMBOS, along with “Best Places to Live” researcher Bert Sperling, released the fourth annual ranking of America’s manliest cities.

The 50 largest metro areas were ranked on the quantity of “masculine” offers, such as number of major league sports teams; the availability of so-called “manly lifestyle” activities like fishing, woodworking, and home improvement work; and number of “manly businesses,” like home improvement stores and steak houses. 

The following cities topped this year’s “Manliest Cities” list: 

  1. Oklahoma City, Okla.
  2. Columbia, S.C.
  3. Memphis
  4. Nashville
  5. Birmingham, Ala.
  6. Houston
  7. St. Louis, Mo.
  8. Toledo, Ohio
  9. Cleveland
  10. Charlotte, N.C.

Sources: “The ‘Manliest’ Cities Where Real Men Live,” AOL Real Estate (June 15, 2012) and COMBOS