Couple Says Neighbors Are Sabotaging Sale With a Cockatoo

October 1, 2012

A Warwick, R.I., couple say that their “nightmare neighbor” and the neighbor’s antagonizing bird are making it difficult to sell their waterfront home. 

Craig Fontaine and Kathleen Melker have filed more than 30 police reports against their neighbors, alleging the neighbors have done everything from shoot at the couple’s home using an air pellet gun to trying to kill their cat by trapping it in a car on a hot day. The latest was the final straw for the couple, however: The neighbors, they allege, trained their pet cockatoo to repeatedly scream obscenities at them. 

"For over sixteen hours a day, the cockatoo will scream 'f--king whore!'” Melker told AOL Real Estate. "It's disturbing and makes our whole lives absolutely hell." 

To make matters worse, Melker claimed the neighbors painted an image of the cockatoo on the side of their house. 

"She painted a hideous bird on the side of [her] house to ward off buyers," Melker said. "It's an eyesore! She's driven us out, but now we can't leave."

Melker was granted a restraining order against the neighbors, but Melker says it hasn’t helped because the bird continues to scream obscenities at them.

The neighbors—Lynne Taylor and Christopher Levasseur—have also filed a complaint against the couple alleging they’ve been “antagonizing her bird.”  

Melker alleges the neighbors have been harassing them for more than a year, and it’s what is prompting them to try to sell their 6,610-square-foot home. But the couple claims the neighbors are sabotaging the sale, standing at the front of the home during showing appointments and filming potential buyers. 

"You [can] have neighbors from hell, and they come in all kinds—even the feathered kind," Melker says.

Source: “Neighbors From Hell: What You Can Do to Stop the Bullies Next Door,” AOL Real Estate (Aug. 17, 2012)