Biggest Danger Zones for Your iPhone

October 17, 2012

Watch out in the kitchen: iPhones tend to suffer the most damage in the kitchen, according to a survey of 2,500 people conducted by SquareTrade, a warranty provider. Besides the kitchen, iPhone mishaps were common in the living room and bathroom too.  

iPhone mishaps are a growing problem for users. Americans have spent nearly $6 billion on damaged iPhones, according to SquareTrade. Mississippi was the top state where iPhone mishaps tended to be the most common among users. 

The main culprit for damaged iPhones? Liquid. Water accounted for 43 percent of the liquid damage caused to iPhones, followed by soda, beer, and coffee and tea.

SquareTrade also provided a breakdown of some more unusual iPhone mishaps that have occurred too:  

  • 9% dropped their iPhones in the toilet.
  • 6% of those surveyed reported accidentally driving off with their phone still on the top of their car. 
  • 5% said they left their iPhone in a washing machine. 

Source: “Kitchen Most Dangerous Place for iPhones, Says SquareTrade,” TechSpot (Oct. 16, 2012)

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