Buyers Want Discount to Share New Home With Ghosts

October 22, 2012

Based on a poll, nearly a third of prospective home buyers would not rule out buying a "haunted house" or a property where some sort of paranormal activity is said to have to occurred.  However, 29 percent of those house-hunters said they would expect a discount of at least 20 percent for stigmatized property. 

Warm or cold spots in a house, possibly from a supernatural source, are deal-breakers for 62 percent of those polled.  Strange noises and/or voices, flickering lights or appliances, eerie sensations, ghost sightings, and levitating objects are other occurrences that are likely to put a buyer off from going through with a deal. 

About 35 percent of those surveyed, meanwhile, signaled that they would not even consider buying a haunted house in the first place.  At the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, 2 percent of poll participants said they would pay a premium for a haunted property.

"Borrowers Will Buy Haunted Houses, But Expect Discount," Housing Wire (Oct. 18, 2012)