Home Owners Object to Cell Tower Installations

November 19, 2012

Many home owners across the country are trying to stop cell phone towers from being placed in residential areas, arguing that the “eyesores” decrease home values. 

The pushback has prompted wireless companies to get creative with installation. In Phoenix, the companies have been disguising cell phone towers as palm trees. 

But residents in a neighborhood in Mesa, Ariz., are speaking out against the installation of another “cell phone tower palm.” The 70-foot AT&T cell phone tower is made to look like a palm tree, but has no actual palm trees surrounding it. 

"I do realize that AT&T needs this cell phone tower—we're not against the tower itself. It just doesn't need to be so close to our homes," Cory Barham, who lives about 400 yards from the proposed tower, told AOL Real Estate. "Apart from the tower being so tall, we all feel that property values will go down if they build it so close. Most people I know wouldn't want to buy a house near a cell phone tower."

Cell phone towers have long been viewed by residents across the country as eyesores, and some residents have expressed health and radiation concerns from the towers too (although the American Cancer Society, based from research, says that it is unlikely.)

Source: “Cell Towers Near Homes? Battle in Mesa, Ariz., Typifies Fears Nationwide,” AOL Real Estate (Nov. 16, 2012)