6 Traits Buyers Desire in Their Agents

January 14, 2013

Home buyers have plenty of information available at their fingertips. They’re educated and savvy when it comes to real estate. So why are they turning to you? Amy Chorew, the vice president of platform development at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, identifies six traits that home buyers most desire from their real estate agents in today’s market. 

  1. Brutal honesty: They not only want information quickly, but they also want it to come come with an immediate solution. 
  2. Clear direction: When talking about contract terms, for example, they want you to provide clear direction and not leave them guessing. They want your professional advice and not to be left trying to figure things out by themselves. 
  3. Choice: They desire options with an understanding of how each one could affect them. 
  4. Exceptional service: They want you to bring extra value to the table, besides just information that they can easily find out for themselves online. Show you’re a community expert and that you can help them objectively prioritize their needs vs. wants, and help interpret the facts when their emotions are running high, Chorew writes. 
  5. Professional input: They seek clear, concise direction and unbiased advice that allows them to make more informed decisions. 
  6. Sympathetic ear: “Are you sympathetic to your client’s needs, but determined and forceful when they need a little 'tough love'?" writes Chorew. 

Source: “What Today’s Homebuyer Wants (and How You Can Give it to Them),” Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (January 2013)

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